TEE ZEREMONIE in Hotel Schweizerhof

TEE ZEREMONIE in Hotel Schweizerhof

16:00 - 17:30

Bahnhofplatz 11

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MADOKAKAI SWISS is the Swiss branch of Urasenke tea school Professor Sousei Aizawa’s MADOKAKAI Tokyo tea class.

  • Professor Aizawa Sousei herself visits and gives seminars for two weeks in Grenchen, Canton Solothurn in Switzerland four to five times a year, about once in two months.
  • The program of the seminar is from partial practices, basic procedure and manner to Daisu. She also gives training each time for a seasonal tea gathering and Shichiji-Shiki which is depending on the number of participants.
  •  As for the tea gathering, though it is just training, it lasts a little over four hours from “Waiting room”, “Shoza (first half of the gathering with a Kaiseki meal and arranging of the charcoal)” to “Goza (second half of the gathering with thick and thin tea)”.
  •   As Professor Aizawa is also a licensed cook for Japanese food, we have been enjoying first-class delicious Kaiseki meals.
  • Professor Aizawa teaches us not only the way of tea which is one of the Japanese long-established traditions and arts, but also flower arrangement, Japanese tea gathering room construction, Japanese garden, Japanese tea garden landscape, kimono-making, kimono-dressing and the principles of Yin and Yang.   

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