The Wife of Gegege ゲゲゲの女房

The Wife of Gegege ゲゲゲの女房


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The Wife of Gegege

ゲゲゲの女房 (Gegege no nyobo)

2010 / 119 Min. / Japanisch / Englische Untertitel

In Zusammenarbeit mit der Japanischen Botschaft Bern


A love story depicting the younger days of MIZUKI Shigeru, author

of “Gegege no Kitaro,” the well-known comic on ‘yokai’ (super-
natural beings), and his wife MURA Nunoe, who supported him

through the years. Like the hit TV drama version, the film is based

on Nunoe’s autobiography, but it focuses mainly on their days as

newlyweds when they lived through extreme poverty, and pro-
vides a heart-warming account of their struggles as they start a

life together. In Shimane prefecture, 1961, 29 year-old Nunoe

(FUKIISHI Kazue) and Shigeru (KUDO Kankuro), a manga artist

who lost his left arm in the war, get married, just five days after

being introduced at a matchmaking meeting. They move to

Tokyo and endure a life of abysmal poverty.


Director: SUZUKI Takuji / Screenplay: OISHI Michiko /

Screenplay: SUZUKI Takuji / Original Story: MURA

Nunoe / Cinematography: TAMURA Masaki /

Music: SUZUKI Keiichi / Producers: SATO Masaki

Cast: FUKIISHI Kazue: MURA Nunoe / KUDO

Kankuro: MURA Shigeru / SAKAI Maki: TADOKORO

Hatsue / MINAMI Kaho: MURA Kotoe /


MIZUKI Shigeru died last year in November at the

age of 93.


©2010 MIZUKI production “Gegege no Nyobo”

Production Committee


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