Yuka Hayashi & Friends – Flamenco

Yuka Hayashi & Friends – Flamenco

12:00 - 14:00

Kornhausstrasse 18
8006 Zürich

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Sakura – traditionelle und moderne Flamenco Tanz.

Sakura, cherry blossom, is symbolic of the Japanese people, enduring the hard winter and the blooming of which is celebrated in the spring with music and dance. Yuka, Aoi and Mio create a fiesta, woven out of tradtional and modern flamenco dance with classical violin. Isabel sings with the pure style of her hometown Cadiz, and Vicente will play his refined guitar.

  • Line-up:
    • Yuka Hayashi,  Aoi Locher: Tanz
    • Mio Aeschbach: Violin
    •  Isabel Amaya: Gesang

    • Vicente Cortés: Guitarre

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