Routen und Pfade Wissenstransfer in der asiatischen Kunst

Routen und Pfade Wissenstransfer in der asiatischen Kunst

22.02.2017 - 31.05.2017

Room RAA G-01
Rämistrasse 59
8001 Zurich

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Objects, ideas, and belief systems travel from culture to culture, along routes of knowledge transfer. Asian examples would be the Silk Road, Mongol conquests, trade winds, VOC (Dutch East India Company) trade routes, and safe harbors. These routes can be land-based or maritime; they can be established roads or lesstravelled paths; they can be travelled with or without maps and can be simple, complex, or entangled. Importantly, they lead from one place to the other over time and have a real history. Such routes often foster an intense exchange of ideas across contact zones, leading to new ideas, new identities, and new art forms.

The colloquium, inspired by the Getty’s Connecting Seas program, will look at the functions of routes and paths in the service of knowledge transfer. Scholars representing a wide range of fields within Asian art have been invited to address various angles and approaches to this topic. Through these case studies, we will examine how knowledge transfer can work toward bringing objects and ideas to different cultures and how these new ideas are then received, appropriated, or assimilated into pre-existing art forms.


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